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Eastern European, Hungarian, Ukrainian, German, Polish Recipe Cookbook

Eastern European Home Cooking from Our Family to Yours

Experience the lost art of "Old Country" Eastern European cooking from recipes over 100 years old that we have designed for you to personalize to suit your individual palates. Our cookbook reveals some of the family secrets and traditions of "Old World Cooking" that you can now bring into your own kitchen, making great dishes and family memories. Mom & Pop's Favorite Old World Recipes is a cookbook dedicated to Eastern European cooking and offering traditional Hungarian, Ukrainian, German and Polish dishes from author Rita Udo Fine.

If you cook like Mom does, you will probably make changes to the recipes to suit your palate. Across from each recipe, there is room to jot down your own personal notes. As Mom always said, in her thick Ukrainian accent, "you have to taste and give your own flavor what you like, and the next time, you put it more or put it less."

Therefore, the recipes have ingredients indicated with an asterisk (*), for which the measurements can be altered, allowing you to create your own special flavor. In addition, precise measurements are unavailable because, as they say, "a great cook never measures!" Use your creativity and give these recipes your personal touch.

We invite you to join Mom & Pop Udo's family in carrying on a tradition in cooking from their homeland. We hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do!
"Jo etvagyat!"
(Good appetite!)

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Eastern European recipes.
The Recipe's Origins are from: Hungary, Ukraine, Poland & Germany.

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