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About the Book

Our family has spent many evenings at the dinner table reminiscing about our parent's early lives. As post-World War II immigrants from the Ukraine and Hungary, Mom and Pop Udo came to America with young hopes and dreams of building their lives in the land of opportunity and freedom. These recipes have brought to life for the Udo children the stories they have told.

This style of cooking should be thought of as "cooking from the heart." When you serve these "Old Country" recipes, please remember these dishes originated from a time when people fought and struggled for their lives and freedom. At a time when people did not have much to share, sharing a meal prepared with love and care was a joyous occasion.

As quoted by the Detroit Free Press, this cookbook is a "collection of recipes that will appeal to anyone who knows the pleasures of homey Eastern European cooking." From savory "Paprikash Chicken" to delicious "Poppyseed Kalacs", the SECRETS & TRADITION of "Old World" cooking are now shared with the melting pot of America. It also serves as a TOOL & OPPORTUNITY for children of immigrant ancestry to reconstruct their own family recipes that were never documented.






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