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About the Author

As Rita and her sisters were growing up in the Udo family, their Pop kept encouraging his daughters to sit down with Mom and record all of her delicious Eastern European recipes that were never written down. This request became quite the challenge because Mom never measured and said "people know how much to put in!".  Therefore, Rita had to ask Mom to make each of these 49 recipes and watched her to make sure Mom measured the ingredients before she put them into the pot or bowl.  Historically, Mom would just throw in a handful of this or a pinch of that before one could figure out what amount she used.

Once all of the ingredients and measurements were written down, the recipes prepared and tasted, Rita created a recipe book for her family. This cookbook truly became a labor of love and made Pop very happy (Mom too) because all of these tasty dishes were finally recorded for future generations to enjoy. After many friends and acquaintances saw the cookbook, they suggested we share it with others outside of our family.  Thus became the published version of Mom and Pop's Favorite "Old World" Recipes.  It also serves as a tool and opportunity for children and grandchildren of immigrant ancestry to reconstruct their own family recipes that were never documented.

Our cookbook reveals some of the family secrets and traditions of "Old World" cooking that you can now bring into your own kitchen, making great dishes and family memories.

Hope you "cook up" some delicious family memories with our recipes!

"Jo etvagyat" (good appetite)!

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