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Hungarian Goulash, Stuffed Cabbage, Paprikash Chicken Palacsinta

Sample Recipes

The following list is a sample of the recipes available in the "Mom & Pop's Favorite 'Old World' Recipes" cookbook:

Family, European Cooking & Hungarian Dishes



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Main Courses:

• Breaded Pork Chops ("Kirantott Hus" or "Rantott Karaj")
• Hungarian Pancakes ("Palacsinta")
• Noodles & Walnuts or Noodles & Poppyseeds
  ("Dios Teszta" or "Makos Teszta")
• Paprikash Chicken ("Porkolt")
• Plum Filled Potato Dumplings ("Gomboc")
• Pork or Chicken and Rice ("Rizsas Hus")
• Stuffed Cabbage ("Holubki")
• Stuffed Peppers ("Toltott Paprika")


• Cabbage Soup ("Borscht")
• Hungarian Goulash ("Gulyas Leves")
• Mashed Potato Soup ("Krumpli Fozelek")

• Mom's Chicken Soup ("Hus Leves")
• Sauerkraut Soup ("Sauerkraut Suppe")

Side Dishes & Salads:

• Cucumber Salad ("Uborka Salanta")
• Dumplings Side Dish ("Nokedli")
• Spinach Side Dish ("Spenat")
• Ukrainian Potato Pancakes ("Deruni")
• Angel Wings ("Forgacs Fank")
• Apricot, Walnut, or Poppyseed Foldover Pastries ("Kifli")
• Christmas Poppyseed and Walnut Rolls ("Kalacs")
• Vanilla or Coffee Buttercream Strudel
• Homemade Cough/Sore Throat Lozenge ("Konfeti") • Chicken or Pork Rinds ("Torportyu")


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